Q. Is this school open to anyone?
A. Yes, The Mountain Village Charter School is open to any resident of New Hampshire.

Q. How do I enroll my child?
A. For enrollment information click here.  The best way to stay informed about policies and important dates is to sign up for the newsletter.

Q.  Is there a waitlist?
A.There is not a waitlist at this time. We are committed to maintaining a favorable teacher to student ratio and if interest in enrollment passed the number of students we can accommodate we will begin a waitlist.

Q. When do you open?
A. We will open in late August of 2014 for grades 1-3.

Q. What is the cost? Is there tuition?
A. There is no tuition to attend Mountain Village Charter School. It is a public school.

Q.  What ages or grades are in the school?
A. We have been approved to offer Kindergarten- 8th grade. We will open with grades 1-3 in 2014 and add grade 4-6 in 2015.

Q. What will my child do in a Montessori school?
A. Students work in mixed-age classes and stay in the same classroom for three years. Students are taught individually or in small groups and are allowed to learn at their own pace. The daily schedule incorporates a long uninterrupted work period. During this time, students receive individual instruction from the teacher, work with groups or partners on projects, or work alone practicing and progressing with their skills. The environment is non-competitive and fosters children’s self-esteem and self-confidence.

Q.What does it mean to be nature-based?
A. Nature based learning implies that students will primarily learn through, and “in” nature rather than just “about” nature. Our students will have access to outdoor and natural settings as a part of every school day and will use those environments to explore elements and experience learning opportunities.

Q. Does this school have to meet the same standards as other public schools?
A. Yes- We have created the Mountain Village Charter School as a vehicle to meet the New Hampshire common core standards. As a public school, we are accountable in the same fashion as all other public schools, which includes standardized testing.

Q. Will your teachers be State-certified?
A. Yes, At a minimum, 50% of our teachers we be certified in New Hampshire.  In addition our teachers will have Montessori certification.

Q. Will the school offer extracurricular activities and sports?
A. A student who wants to play an organized sport not available at MVCS, may return to his or her district to play that sport. The student must follow all the standards and try-out procedures that the school district requires. We will explore the interests brought forth by our students in these areas and are fully committed to providing as diverse of a pallet of meaningful opportunities as possible. In addition, we will offer before and after care.

Q. Where are you located?
A.Our Charter was approved by the State of New Hampshire in July of 2013. We are now searching for our ideal location and hope to be settled into our facility by winter/spring of 2014.

Q. My child is in grade school and has not been to a Montessori school; can they come to MVCS?
A. Yes. No previous exposure to Montessori education is required, though it is recommended that they are evaluated to be transitioned into MVCS by both the sending school and MVCS.

Q. How can I get involved?
A.There will be plenty of opportunities to volunteer with us. Please see our website
and be sure to sign up for our newsletter as well at our homepage.

Q. Is there a way to donate to the school?
A. Yes. Thank you for your interest in supporting us! Please see the website for information on
how to donate.

Q. How do I apply for work at the school?
A. Please see the Mountain Village Charter School website for employment opportunities.