Our Approach

Educational Mission
The proposed Mountain Village Charter School is an educational community engaging the child through a nature-based, Montessori approach. The curriculum inspires abstract thinking by exploring creative thought and critical reasoning. The approach places equal emphasis on rigorous academics, artistic expression, social development and community service.


Educational Vision
We believe that education is most effective when full attention is placed on meeting the needs of the whole child. We believe that a child’s full potential – physical, intellectual, social and emotional -can be realized through the exploration of the environment. We believe that patterns of concentration and attention to detail, when established early, produce a confident, competent learner in later years. By embracing the Montessori philosophy and nature-based practices in our approach to education, we believe that engaging our students in child-centered and project- oriented learning will spark innate curiosity, nurture inner discipline and foster the child’s motivation to learn. We believe in creating a welcoming and nurturing environment for students from a diversity of backgrounds, skills, challenges, and needs. We believe in fostering a culture of respect, individuality and celebrating diversity of all kinds.

We believe in the vital importance of encouraging in children a sense of respect and stewardship for the natural world and for all the inhabitants of the earth. To this end we believe a nature- based curriculum offers unlimited opportunities to create a dynamic learning environment that integrates science and math, history and social studies, languages and art. We believe that in such an environmentally literate learning community students will develop the skills, knowledge, and inclinations to make well-informed choices and to exercise the rights and responsibilities of citizens in a diverse world community.We believe in offering individual work plans that encourage children to assume their full share of the responsibility for their own learning. We believe in promoting experiences where students create and develop real-world projects that enable them to apply new skills across content areas and to develop leadership skills. We believe in allowing children to take as much time as they need to master a skill and move on to the next concept when they are ready. We believe in providing materials and lessons that appeal to a variety of learning styles. Finally, we believe in fostering creativity and curiosity in children, leading to the development of critical thinking and problem solving skills.

Educational Goals

  • Provide an academic experience above and beyond the New Hampshire Core Curriculum, delivered through the Montessori Scope and Sequence and nature-based learning experience;
  • Addressing the standards set forth by the NH Environmental Literacy Plan;
  • Create mixed-age classrooms where peer-to-peer teaching and modeling is fullysupported;
  • Develop 21st century learners through the appropriate use of technology and creativeproblem solving, leading to responsible and knowledgeable global citizens;
  • Use community service to create a strong sense of community, place, and belonging;
  • Encourage the development of social-emotional intelligence: self-awareness, emotionmanagement, empathy, communication, cooperation, and conflict resolution;
  • Provide materials and lessons that appeal to a variety of learning styles;
  • Promote executive functioning skills including organizational, self-control, adaptability,initiative, memory, planning, self-monitoring;
  • Utilize multiple strategies of assessment, evaluation and reporting to help students learn,to inform teachers’ understanding of the child, and to include families in the learningprocess;
  • Build a strong school community led by qualified and nurturing educators, and supportedby engaged parents/guardians and community members;
  • Create a close, long term relationship between students and teachers.