Our Location

8-25-14_lowres-5Mountain Village Charter School is located on a 38 acre parcel at 13 NH Route 25 in Plymouth, NH.  The land is generously leased to us by Dr. James Koran.  We are extremely grateful to have a landlord who is also a parent and deeply committed to the growth and success of Mountain Village.
Currently our indoor classrooms and administrative offices are housed in a 2,000 square foot modular building.  We have a variety of outdoor classrooms around our property.  Pictured above is the outdoor classroom we call “fort creek.”  We are currently developing a long-term master plan that will involve a permanent 8,000 square foot indoor space, gardens, a looping road and hiking/skiing trails.  Stay tuned as this master plan develops!9-12-14_lowres-769-12-14_lowres-80