Head of School Remarks at Solstice Concert 12.17.14

Good evening, I am Matt Thornton, the Head of School at Mountain Village Charter School.  Welcome to our inaugural Winter Solstice Concert!

Before there were holidays, ugly sweater parties, and black Fridays humans followed the natural cycles of the earth and sun. For thousands of years the solstice has been a special time of year on this gyroscope we call planet earth.  For me, it is a time of reflection and gratitude, so I want to take a moment to express some gratitude for those who have brought us here.  First, to our Board for their diligence and determination to ensure that our school would be born and that our children could experience a remarkable education in and outside of the classroom.  You are the roots that keep us grounded and growing.

My gratitude for our teachers is beyond words, but I’ll try.  Julie and Brianna, Vanessa and Jordan, and Molly, Sara, and TJ are the heart and soul of our school, the trunk of the tree if you will.  Your energy, innovation, determination, and deep care and concern for each and every student is boundless.  Thank you for modelling what excellence and kind attention is all about.

Our parents and extended families help us reach new heights as the branches of our fledgling tree.  Every day I am inspired by your generosity of time, intellect, and trust.  A special thank you to some of our parent council members for sparking our first event fundraiser, 50/50 raffle, giving tree, and photo booth (Ali, Charlotte, and Suzy) and to Shannon as our chair.  And to everyone for contributing food, and for your presence here tonight.

To our young explorers, the leaves on the tree.  Thank you for reminding me every day why we are here.  Not only do I appreciate your laughter and zaniness, but also your attention to your work.  This is a school of rigor and excellence because of you.

Finally, our community surrounds us like a forest.  A big shout out to the Senior Center for hosting us tonight.  To Mark Younger, at UPS, for printing our programs.  To those of you community members who have come out in support tonight, and in so many ways on a daily basis.

Lastly, a thank you to Molly for directing this beautiful Solstice Concert tonight. You are amazing.

It is dark outside now as we near the shortest day and longest night, let the solstice begin.