Jump Into December!

Newsletter Dec. 4, 2014

Dear Mountain Village Families,

We are so happy to have jumped into December with lots of snow in which to play! We are having lots of fun in and out of the classroom and are looking forward to the many exciting events that December has in store for us!

Important Events!!

Family Friday­ First Friday of every month

This month: Friday, December 5th, 1:45 pm

Come by the school to enjoy an hour in the shoes of your student. This month both classes will be taking a trip outside­ please be sure to arrive a bit early so you can join your child’s class as it departs! Hope to see you all tomorrow!

Holiday Parade

Saturday, December 6th, 4:30 pm­ parade begins at 5:00

You may have received an email from our parent commitee­ but here is
another reminder! MVCS will be walking in the Plymouth area Holiday parade this Saturday! We will sip hot chocolate, sing, hand out MVCS Montessori seed packets to the adoring crowds and have a great time! We will meet at our marked spot on Green St. in Plymouth (the courthouse’s road), where all the parade participants line up. We recommend parking at the PSU Ice Arena as there will be no parking on Green St. Be sure to dress warm, dress up, and be ready for fun! We hope to see you there this Saturday!

Winter Solstice Concert

Wednesday, December 17th, 4:30 pm for students, 5:30 for parents at the Plymouth Senior Center­ 8 Depot St. Plymouth

The students are practicing diligently for their upcoming Solstice Concert! The program will consist of songs and spoken word presentations. We are using the Senior Center’s dining hall space as our concert venue. Please drop your child off at the Senior Center at 4:30 to warm up and prepare. We will provide pizza for them at this time. The Concert will begin at 5:30. We would like to have a reception after the concert, and so we ask for families to bring light fare to contribute. Let’s celebrate the shortest day of the year with music, art, and good company!

Head of School Corner

Dear Families and Friends,

I hope you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving break. We are right back to our work this week with renewed vigor and focus! Students are working well both independently and collaboratively, and our mission of providing an engaging, academically rigorous, and inviting learning environment is clearly evident. Respect is evident in every teacher interaction and how our students are able to ring the bell and address the group with any concerns they have and be heard. The spirit of adventure and exploration was alive and well as I sat in on a discussion about the Ermine we saw in our back woods and the reports we’ll write to learn more about it! Finally, I’m inspired everyday by the support from our community. A big shout out to Max Langford for a little extra plowing on Monday to widen our driveway! Thanks to the Parent Council for spearheading our parade plans for this Saturday! And finally, a big welcome to our new

2nd grade student Katie Lane and her parents Stacy and Joseph! By the way, enrollment is still open (but limited) for 2nd and 3rd grade, so please spread the word.

Looking forward to the rest of this busy and productive month with you!

Be well, Matt

Bobcats News | Vanessa and Jordan

Our class has been working very hard on our Solstice Concert music. Additionally, we learned about haiku poetry (a Japanese poetry form) and syllables. We also had the Great Lesson on the origin of language in our week. We even worked on creating our own alphabets, and had fun writing our own codes and secret letters. We continue to work on our biome boxes to create 3D representations of water, air, energy, animals, and plants.

Saplings News | Julie and Brianna

Extra thank you to all the families who have been cleaning during the weekends! We have been exploring the origin of numbers in our great lessons. The exciting sighting of an ermine in our backyard has prompted us to reading and writing reports on our local friend. Additionally, we have been preparing for the Solstice Concert by writing poems. Quick reminder to have plenty of warms clothes and even extra insulated gloves for our outdoor times!

Board of Trustees Corner
The trustees are spending a lot of time right now thinking about the future! It is so nice to have the school’s day­to­ day operations is the very capable hands of Matt Thornton and now the board is turning it’s attention to next school year and beyond. We are diligently exploring many options for where to house 4th grade as well as interviewing civil engineers and architects to develop a master plan including road improvements, a permanent school building, gardens and hiking/skiing trails. Stay tuned as this master plan develops!