Mission Moments from our Families

“I love the school culture of MVCS! It feels amazing to have a community of people all at the school for the same reasons and to be working toward the same goal. At some of our end of the year events – our school-wide picnic, the Karaoke party, etc. MVCS really was beginning to feel like a family.”

“I was extremely happy with the way in which the year’s curriculum was interdisciplinary, integrated and well thought-out. Our child loved learning about the “big” questions – the creation of the universe, early man, world cultures. I also loved hearing about how “living history” was integrated into the lessons and the presence of so many guest speakers on many topics was wonderful. It made for a very enriching and authentic learning experience.”

“I am always heartened to hear the way the students speak to and care for each other. I feel conflict resolution and consideration of feelings were a big focus in my child’s classroom and it really benefited the wellbeing of the class on a whole.”

“My child has never been so happy. The last day of school was difficult because he didn’t want school to end. He truly enjoyed every day and can’t wait to return in the fall.”