Upper El. Assistant Teacher

Job Title: Upper Elementary Classroom Assistant

Reports to: 

  • Lead Classroom Teacher
  • Head of School

Qualifications: Demonstrated ability to work with children responsibly, ability to take direction, consistency and initiative to follow through on the duties of the role. Willingness to be trained in nature-based and Montessori philosophy related to classroom support.


  • assists lead teacher during class time by redirecting children to work and aiding children who need support
  • works with lead teacher to prepare environment each morning
  • maintains order and cleanliness of environment daily assists in the cleaning, preparation, and maintenance of classrooms at the beginning of the school year, occasionally during year and at the close of the school year
  • supervises children in the outdoor classroom and wild spaces
  • provides direct instruction and/or remedial help as directed by the lead teacher
  • helps children to work cooperatively in an atmosphere of respect, using models of behavior and intervention demonstrated by the lead teacher
  • helps lead teacher to make materials and plan activities
  • assists with field trips and “going out”
  • substitutes for lead teacher in cases of illness or absence (if teacher certified)
  • reports accidents and concerns immediately to the lead teacher
  • works with lead teacher to learn about philosophy of Montessori and nature-based practices to further understand the goals of the class and the school
  • attends open houses, MVCS events and teacher in-service as directed in contract

An Effective Assistant

  • Supports the teacher and order in the classroom
  • Prepares and maintains the environment
  • Observes behaviors
  • Models grace and courtesy
  • Preserves and protects lessons
  • Assists in the development of independence

Classroom assistants work with the lead teacher to prepare and maintain an orderly, attractive, and joyful environment. They provide another pair of observant, attentive eyes and ears. Classroom assistants are also crucial in modeling courteous and respectful behavior as well as contributing to the warm, supportive, and calm environment of a Mountain Village Charter School classroom.

Applications will be reviewed and interviews conducted on a rolling basis until successful candidates are hired. Please send a letter of interest, resume and three professional letters of reference (e-mail of application materials is preferred) to: