Upper Elementary Teacher | Nature-based, Montessori Charter School

Upper Elementary Lead Teacher- one multi-age classroom, grades 4-6

Description and Mission
Mountain Village Charter School, a public, tuition-free, elementary charter school, opened in Plymouth, NH in fall 2014. Starting with a lower elementary classroom of grades 1-3, the school is adding one grade per year through 8th grade. The curriculum combines Montessori methods with a nature-based philosophy and approach, offering the experience of both a Montessori classroom and significant outdoor time each day.

Mountain Village is a public Nature-based, Montessori school, engaging students in experiences that integrate natural environments with the Montessori curriculum, igniting achievement in academic, social-emotional and physical development.

Ideal Candidate
We are growing and searching for innovative educators who are eager to be challenged! Mountain Village Charter School is seeking an Upper Elementary Teacher to join our expanding program. This is an exciting opportunity to teach at the nation’s first public, nature-based Montessori elementary school. Our Upper Elementary classroom is 4-6th grade. We are seeking world-class educators who are looking to bring innovation into the classroom and who desire to work with nature-based, Montessori pedagogy. At Mountain Village Charter School, your educational passion and creativity can have a potential impact on the design of our progressive, integrated curriculum. As a Lead Teacher, you will be responsible for all aspects of your students’ classroom experience and for developing strong partnerships with parents. Other important duties include advancing your professional and personal growth, collegiality, and administrative duties. All teachers attend regular meetings, observe, advise, and serve as a mentor and role model for other faculty in the areas of nature-based, Montessori methodology, curriculum management, classroom schedules, record keeping, student needs, and the classroom environment.

The ideal candidate will have at least three years’ experience in both Montessori and nature-based pedagogy at the elementary level. They will value student-centered approaches to learning, and love teaching and learning in the outdoors. Additionally, the ideal candidate will: embrace the mission of the school; possess excellent written and verbal communication skills; function very effectively as a member of a collaborative teaching team; engage enthusiastically with families and other members of the school community; and embrace the opportunities and challenges of teaching in an innovative, start-up school.

Specific Responsibilities
• Direct the learning in one grade 4-6 Montessori classroom of up to 28 students.
• Work collaboratively with a highly qualified assistant teacher.
• Promote a safe and effective learning environment through implementation of positive and educational behavior management approaches.
• Lead and facilitate daily outdoor explorations and structured lessons, in all weather and seasons.
• Manage the risk to students while in an outdoor setting.
• Prepare written student assessment reports for parents periodically (2-4 times) through the school year, and lead parent-teacher conferences.
• Implement all steps necessary to address NH Common Core standards in classroom, and to participate in state standardized assessments.
• Interact professionally with all members of the school community: parents, administrators, students, staff and volunteers.
• Maintain excellence in teaching through ongoing development and training.

Required Qualifications
• Bachelor’s Degree or Higher (Education-related or content-related field preferred)
• Successful elementary-aged teaching experience
• Outdoor education, outdoor leadership or nature mentoring experience
• NH Teacher Certification (Preferred)
• Montessori Certification/training/background and experience
• Ability to work collaboratively with faculty to enhance curriculum and community
• Commitment to professional development and best practices in education
• Education experience in a variety of instructional methods
• Understanding multi-age learning environments
• Understanding of how to best support students in meeting the Common Core Standards
• Commitment to meeting the needs of each child
• First aid and CPR Certification (Wilderness First Aid, WAFA, or WFR preferred)
• Proficient in the Use of Technology
• Open mind, sense of humor, and excitement about being part of an innovative, start-up school

Salary and Benefits
Salary is competitive and is based on qualifications and experience. Medical insurance (or a comparable stipend) and support for professional development make up the benefit package.
Extensive, professional development opportunities
Tuition reimbursement for eligible employees seeking Montessori Certifications

To Apply Please Email (admin@mountainvillagecharterschool.org):
• Resume
• A cover letter describing your interest in the position with overview of your background and experience with children and education (if not Montessori trained, then a rationale for why a desire to join nature-based, Montessori)
• Statement of teaching philosophy that addresses both Montessori pedagogy and Nature-based outdoor approaches to elementary education
• Name, phone and email for three references will only be needed if you are selected for an interview

*electronic file names must be in the following format:
FirstName LastName CoverLetter Year
FirstName LastName Resume Year