Winter Solstice Concert- Head of School Welcome

WINTER SOLSTICE CONCERT 12/16/15                                                          HOS REMARKS


Welcome to our 2nd annual solstice concert!!  This song in Swahili translates as sun, sun, thank you sun.  At Mountain Village we greet each day with appreciation and respect for the natural cycles of the earth.  I thank you all for joining us on this very special occasion.

I want to begin with some gratitude for our Parent Council, and the many volunteers and supporters who have given time, money and resources to build our dream school together.  Some notable volunteers-

PC- Ali Wenhardt, Kate Harrington, Tricia Langford, Billy Jo Shinn, Ceci Rai, Sara Hage, Eleanor Jenna, Tammy Marquis

Facilities- Max Langford, Lewis Jenna, Eric Currier, Josh Nossaman, Bryan Felice, Mark Casale, Dick Hage, Katy Gautsch, Liz White, Jamie Hannon, Frank McClain, Jim McHugh, Kimo Baker

Board- Katy Gautsch, Jamie Hannon, Thea Dodds, Dick Hage, Craig Churchill, Mark Casale,

Nurses- Shannon Garnsey, Anna Frecker, Sandra Hanrahan

Classroom help- Carolina, Angi Beaulieu, Charlotte Park

Interns- Lauren, Abby, Colby, Anthony, Rachel, Theresa

The solstice has been recognized and studied scientifically for thousands of years.  This year the solstice will be on December 21st at 11:49pm.  It marks the shortest day (8 hours 58 minutes) and longest night, and the beginning of winter as the earth’s tilt puts us further away from the sun in the Northern Hemisphere.  Are you ready for winter?

For me, as a scientist, what lies beneath the science and astronomy is a sense of awe and wonder.  As humans we begin to ask, why are we here?   We ask questions because we want to learn, and “learning is in our nature,” it is innate.

At Mountain Village we aspire to engage students in experiences that integrate natural environments with the Montessori curriculum, and to ignite achievement in academic, social-emotional and physical development.  Why are you here?  Some of us are drawn to our Nature based approach, others to our Montessori philosophy and curriculum, and others are looking for a community school that respects all students and families.  Collectively, we know that we know that education is not the “filling of a bucket but the lighting of a fire.”  And in the words of Maria Montessori, that education can be measured by the “happiness of the child.”  So I ask again why are we here?

We are here to build our dream school together.  It is a place where students tap into their own love of learning, and become adults who WILL change the world.  Our world needs citizens who are aware and connected to our natural environment, and that are connected to each other.  Building our dream school takes persistence and a lot of patience.  Together we must ignite the fire, not just in our students, but also in ourselves.  Tonight is one more opportunity for us as adults to be inspired!

It is getting dark outside now… and the longest nights are approaching… let the solstice begin!